About Amy

My Grandparents showed me what life was like as an artist by profession. They owned and operated an art gallery and custom frame shop for over 30 years. A number of family members worked at the shop at some point in their life, including me, my mom, and my uncles. [Shout out to my uncle John who still owns the frame shop - First Ave. Picture Framing!] 

I would help my Grandma set up for her paint classes and count inventory while drinking black coffee together. I was only eleven or twelve at the time. Grandpa would take me to Turtle’s or Lion’s Tap for lunch.

I'll never forget the front display window had this tiny door that I would climb through, because um.... hello tiny door! Once inside the display area, I'd attempt to be a part of the scenery and pretend I was a mannequin when people would walk by outside. I got paid to do artsy things, drink coffee, get lost in creative play, and hang out with my family! It never felt like work. Grandma was also the one who taught me how to paint flowers. 

My mom and bonus dad owned and operated an antique store, "Country Findings," not far from where we lived. I'd often be at the shop with my mom, playing store and perusing all the pretty vintage items that would come in for a time before they were purchased and brought to their new homes. My mom also refinished vintage furniture which she sold in the shop. 

It goes without saying that I come from a long line of go-getters who loved to do things with their hands and get lost in all the cool things that make vintage and art awesome.  

If you're a vintage lover, you'll find some amazing vintage things here. I love to peruse up and down every aisle of flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales, and auctions to find quirky and rare vintage china, stoneware, Pyrex, Fire King and vinyl records. Many of my vintage finds are mid-century modern. No matter how much styles change over the decades, I feel like we always go back to the good 'ol MCM.

As a neurodivergent who was late-diagnosed, I've found that my love for the "shiny new toy," the hyper-focus, intense hours of research, and rabbit holes are actually beneficial to serving my livelihood! Who knew!?

When I'm not working for clients, vintage hunting, or painting, I'm with my two amazing boys and husband. Probably in the garden and probably holding a chicken.